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The Railroad depot was the social and commercial center of many small towns & villages across America. The fortunes of many cities would be made or broken by the passing of two steel rails through their limits. The railroad provided a market for goods, grain and cattle and it brought the mail and other news of the outside world. It was also the primary mode of transportation in those pre-automobile days. After the Second World War with declining rail travel and improved highways, more automobiles and trucks, Many depots were seeing the end of their useful lives. Scores of these beautiful buildings were resigned to neglect, vandalism and the wrecking ball. Every town on the rails had a depot, at one time there were upwards of 40,000 depots in America, today that figure is halved. While somewhat removed from their previous role, today, railroad depots are once again emerging as community centerpieces. After years of neglect, the buildings are being reclaimed, and now enjoy new lives as retail centers, museums and even transportation centers.

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