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"Victoria""Summer""Jessica""Falon""Raquel""Danielle""Grace""Chrisi""Falon""Tina Mari""Erin""Rachel""Morgan""Falon""Tina Mari""Alaina""Danielle""Amber""Raquel""Svetlana"

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Guestbook for Beauty and the Beast
3.Caswell Photography
Very nice work Mathew

2.Bob Davis(non-registered)
I think "The Beast" refers to the Iron Horse.

The series of photos should be given the "Virgil C. Staff" award for attractive women in a railroad environment.

The "ghost lady" photo invites the viewer to come up with a story to go with the picture, e.g. "We had a new man on the crew last night, and he was reluctant to admit that he saw her, but when he finally spoke up, the conductor told him the whole story......."

I, too, like to take pictures of lovely ladies, but in my photo library they're usually standing at a microphone and/or playing musical instruments.
1.Domenico Alessandro Conti...(non-registered)
Matthew I watched twice, and I have no idea why you titled this collection "Beauty and the Beast"...they are all beautiful women...I didn't see a beast among them, maybe I better watch it a few more times...
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