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1003 Operations, LLP. maintains SOO LINE 1003 in an operable condition in accord with FRA regulations. A considerable effort is required to keep the engine at this level of repair. Volunteers and professionals cooperate in dealing with the complex tasks that need to be performed to keep a steam locomotive running well and safely. This work enables the locomotive to operate on mainline rails hauling trains of various kinds and making appearances in a variety of public events. SOO LINE 1003 allows children and adults of all ages the opportunity to witness the sights, sounds, and smells of the steam era of railroading. The locomotive becomes a live EXAMPLE reminding EVERYONE of the history and importance of rail transport in this an era when railroads seem less woven into our lives THAN IN EARLIER DAYS.
...the waiting..."Riding to Sunset""1927 Illinois Bunn Special""Randolph"" S T O P ""I hear you singin' in the wire"

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