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The Ghost Town & Calico Railroad at Knott’s acquired several pieces of Colorado narrow gauge equipment in 1951 and 1952. Locomotives 41 (formerly RGS 41, formerly D&RG #409 Red Cliff) and #340 (formerly D&RGW #340, formerly D&RG #400 Green River) both C-19's operate on the Knott’s property along with RGS Goose #3. Rolling stock consists of a healthy collection of former D&RGW closed vestibule coaches, a business car (B-20 EDNA) and parlor car, Durango. Rounding out the collection is RGS short caboose 0402. What is most impressive about the operation is that the management has permitted the shop crew to restore the equipment to the original D&RGW and RGS colors shedding the Hollywood appliances and gaudy paint jobs. A "(Rio)-Grande-(Western)" time in "(Rio Grande)-Southern" California.
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