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Winslow Junction Train Derailment, Winslow, New Jersey: on the West Jersey and Seashore's Line near the Winslow Tower, at 12:30am, a derailment of Train 33, the Owl, when the shore bound train going 90 miles per hour, sped through an open switch at Winslow Junction. Four passengers, the engineer, fireman and conductor were killed, 65 were injured. Blame was fixed on the switchman in the tower and the Owl's engineer. This crash is memorialized with a sign at Winslow Junction, which reports the date incorrectly as July 21, 1922, and refers to the train as the 'Midnight Flyer'. It appears from reports in the New York Times dated from July 3 - July 8 1922, that 'Midnight Flier' was a nickname for this particular route/time.
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