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"a Tribute to my Following"

April 05, 2015  •  1 Comment

This website was born in 2006, simply to house my growing collection of photographs. Since then my photographic style has emerged and been refined, and with it the theme to my "Lost Tracks of Time" portfolio - to keep alive and feature a bygone era of steam travel at current-day excursion railroads and museums; for a moment taking the viewer back to a better, vanished time.
This all remains a passionate hobby - cameras, trains, and Photoshop outside my professional career. Nevertheless, it's something I take very serious and pour a lot of energy into.
I shoot first and foremost for myself; what appeals to my tastes. I'm so grateful and fortunate to have developed a loyal following of all ages, who constantly send email and leave photo comments complimenting me in regards to my body of work. It thrills me that others live and enjoy the experiences through my visions. I thank you all!
Below are amazing four emails I received in the last few days; shared as appreciation to everyone who takes the time to view my images, and continue to accompany the journey.


April 3
"Great images"
Hello Matthew,
I've been meaning to write you for quite some time. I met you by chance in late December 2012 at New Hope. It was snowing and we were both photographing 'old number 40' as it got ready for its last run of the day.
Anyway you gave me your card and ever since I've checked out your website and also followed you on 500px.
The reason I'm writing is simply to tell you that I am continually amazed at your railroad photography. Your technical skills, combined with your eye for detail and storytelling ability is a continuing source of inspiration, amazement, and admiration. Keep up the great work and thanks for doing what you do.
Best regards,

April 2
"Great photos"
If you ever get to Texas, I'll give you a cab ride on the Austin Steam Train. We're without or steamer now but it is still a good ride. Great photos, thanks for sharing.


April 2
"Purchase or license"
Hi - I love this photo!
I would like a large-format framed copy - is it available from you for purchase, either as a print or high-res digital? Thanks!

April 2
I think we e-mailed a couple of years ago. Today somebody sent me a link to your site again and I must say you have taken what may be five or six of the best railroad shots I've ever seen. Made my day.



I still need to find my favorite picture of yours because I want to hang one up in my room! We could talk about it over lunch at Paneras;)
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