Matthew Malkiewicz - Lost Tracks of Time | from one who inspired and influenced me early on

from one who inspired and influenced me early on

May 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Thank you Matthew; 

A wonderful selection of powerful EBT photographs. If a final book is ever done on the East Broad Top, your portfolio should be a major part. Seems odd that my only EBT book was all bad. 

Your photographs evoke both fond memories and sadness, something that can only be conveyed in black & white, as you have done. Wonderful work in the opinion of this old LIFE photographer. In today's digital, fast paced, vivid, color world, people have forgotten how to put themselves into the art form. 

As Wilson Hicks, former LIFE Executive Editor, told me: a person looks at a color photo and quickly moves on. But, when a viewer sees a b&w photograph, he has to stop and mentally fill-in the colors, or at least dwell upon the picture long enough that the brain supplies all the information needed for appreciation. 

I appreciate! 
-Mallory Hope Ferrell


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